JumpStock Procedural Module

Reduce variances. Uncover new revenue.

The JumpStock Procedural Module gives nurses and supply chain staff the tools to effectively manage utilization in any area of a hospital or across an entire health system. The Procedural Module simplifies the tracking of physician preference items in procedure suites and allows nurses to:

  • Instantly create a supply forecast for a select time period, a specific OR suite, or an entire health system.
  • Manage and improve the accuracy of physician preference cards while reducing the amount of materials brought into an OR or procedure suite.
  • Identify clinical and operational variances by procedure and physician.
  • Access real-time reports and data that support new hospital performance metrics.

Why it matters

  • The operating room generates as much as 80 percent of costs in a hospital, yet 30 percent of these charges are not billed correctly or at all, resulting in lost revenue for the facility.
  • Approximately 40 percent of physicians say they have cancelled surgeries and 69 percent have rescheduled procedures because they didn’t have the necessary supplies.
  • Recent data from Navigant that suggests supply chain standardization can save hospitals an estimated $24 billion each year.

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