The Top 10 Myths in Hospital Inventory Management


What if the legacy systems and business processes holding back hospitals could be overcome? What if supply chain leaders could find the savings that better supply chain management promised to deliver?
This week, Jump Technologies went to work on “debunking” some of the myths that are holding back hospitals.  Here’s how our Top 10 List came out:

The Top 10 Myths in Hospitals
Myth 1:  Supply chain is one of the biggest problems in hospitals.
Myth 2: My ERP system does everything I need.
Myth 3: There’s no way to “see” inventory that’s stored all over my hospital.
Myth 4: My reporting tools give me everything I need to know about our inventory.
Myth 5: I need to manage every item used in my hospital the same way.
Myth 6: We’re not overstocked.
Myth 7: Stock-outs are a fact of life.
Myth 8: An inventory management system has to be expensive to work.
Myth 9: We don’t really need mobile devices in our organization.
Myth 10: Cloud-solutions won’t work for what I need.
We’re really not being glib about the challenges hospitals are facing. Instead, we believe there’s a better way.  What if you could overcome some of the challenges holding back your organization and drive actual savings to your bottom line?  What if a cloud-based, best-of-breed approach held the key to closing the current gaps in your ERP system and business processes? What if you could reduce inventory costs while increasing nursing satisfaction, changing the game between nursing and the supply chain? 

Come back to in the coming weeks for more ideas about how you can start improving your inventory management business processes immediately.  JumpTech has made a commitment to reducing costs for hospitals – we’d love to hear your story about what’s working for your organization.