The cloud helps build an information-driven hospital

Is your hospital ready to respond to change? Put privacy concerns to rest for a moment and truly think about whether your healthcare center can withstand the data overload (see PDF below) that is expected to come as a result of the Affordable Care Act. With so many more patients going into the system at your hospital, leveraging antiquated technology simply isn't an option.

This is why you need to transition to the cloud. A white paper from Dell stated that information-driven healthcare organizations are ready to build future-ready IT platforms, able to adopt paperless processes, and they're prepared to give doctors and nurses the innovative tools that can help them better care for patients. These organizations are also streamlined enough so that every last dollar is being spent efficiently. The cloud is clearly the answer.

"The cloud provides agility in terms of rapid, cost-effective response to change," said Carrick Carpenter, leader of healthcare cloud computing business for Dell Services.

The cloud instantly improves processes
Whether it is storing patient data, overseeing inventory management or leveraging virtualized systems, the cloud creates efficiencies right away. Using our JumpStock hospital inventory management software, you can take away all of the pain points from ordering supplies, ensuring appropriate stock levels. Through the system, you can automate order management with Kanban, which makes the replenishment cycle easier than ever before. All you need to do is scan a barcode.

JumpStock is one of the innovative tools at your disposal if you embrace cloud-based solutions. Dr.Cliff Bleustein, managing director and global head of healthcare consulting at Dell, said the rush of medical and financial information that hospitals will soon be expected to handle will force healthcare CIOs to integrate systems that improve not only patient care, but also the working environment for doctors and nurses.

"The cloud allows your organization to be more innovative as new technologies hit the market," Dr. Bleustein said. "If you can harness the power of the Web and mobilize data in a safe way to the cloud, you'll be much better positioned when those technologies come to manage them within your current structure."

Don't forget about the improvement to data backup that is also created by leveraging the cloud. Bob Dupuis, practice director for infrastructure and security at Arcadia Solutions, told Becker's Hospital Review that internal server failures are all too common at today's hospitals. However, that isn't an issue when running on cloud-based systems. Data is stored in cyberspace, which never limits a clinician's ability to access information.