The bionic solution for hospital supply chain

It’s been nearly 45 years since TV doctors promised to make Steve Austin better, stronger, and faster. And while modern implants don’t typically cost $6 million — and, sadly, don’t yet offer superhuman abilities — they have become both a source of opportunity and a serious challenge for hospital supply chain management.

Total joint replacement procedures using implantable devices, such as hip and knee replacements, are on the rise in America. By one estimate, knee replacement procedures will increase by 186% by 2030. Hip replacements will increase by 171%. That will mean more business for surgeons, and a greater challenge for nurses and supply chain staff.

Why? Because most implantable devices come into the operating room (OR) as trunk or consignment stock and are often not on the hospital’s item master or charge master, making them notoriously difficult to track and bill. Clinical documentation can consume three hours of every 12-hour shift for nurses, taking away time they would otherwise spend on patient care. Add to this the fact that 30% of these charges are never captured, resulting in lost revenue for the hospital, and the challenge for our healthcare system becomes clear.

To address this, Jump Technologies has partnered with Simplify OR to help hospitals automate the tracking of implantable devices in the OR. Offered as part of the JumpStock hospital supply chain solution, Simplify OR gives nurses access to one-click-and-done clinical and supply chain documentation for implantable devices, which reduces the amount of time they spend on paperwork and opens up new revenue for hospitals. Simplify OR ensures incoming devices are on contract and automates the process of entering item information and updating the charge master and item master.

The result?

  • More accurate documentation of all surgical supplies, including implants.
  • Alignment of the hospital’s current charge master and item master.
  • Consistency and transparency of  supply chain and clinical data.
  • Increased and accurate charge capture.
  • Increased hospital revenue.
  • Better patient care.
  • Increased job satisfaction for nurses.

To learn more about the JumpStock hospital supply chain solution or Simplify OR, email