Security a focus for healthcare providers using the cloud


Because so much sensitive information is present at healthcare organizations, it's important to carefully manage and secure this data. Hospitals, clinics and other organizations have to deal with standard security concerns, like protecting financial and proprietary information, as well as unique components like patient records and research data. This need for security means that companies have to have strong policies in place for dealing with data storage on physical servers kept inside a building, in the cloud and on company- and employee-owned devices.

An important step that healthcare organizations can take is to institute an explicit policy focusing on the management of both devices and data. Although the exact nature of such a plan will vary from company to company, having a policy in place can help to avoid a lot of serious issues. Health IT Security points out that these structures aid in dictating expectations about responsible use and in what ways devices brought in by employees can and can't be utilized. A policy can also include security requirements for internal and cloud-based servers, guiding decision-makers toward secure and reliable providers.

Cloud-based inventory management is simple, secure and effective
Organizations that are looking to improve how they track supplies can use the cloud without fear of data breaches or the loss of sensitive information. Our JumpStock supply chain management solution provides a variety of efficiencies above a pen-and-paper or basic spreadsheet inventory system. Individual items as well as lots can be allocated to specific areas and individual care providers to track usage. Ordering becomes far simpler as inventory counts are automated and visibility into inventory use rises significantly. Our secure cloud storage allows organizations to adopt the program with confidence. Additionally, organizations can implement the software on commercially available tablets and smartphones, whether owned by the company or individual employees.

As IT Pro Portal points out, the rising adoption of cloud software is tied to a belief that little needs to be done to maintain the security of information stored on it. It's important for organizations to consider the benefits and risks of cloud storage each time it comes up. For example, JumpStock encrypts information stored on its servers - but this isn't the case for all programs that work on the cloud. Because healthcare data is so valuable, providers need to investigate their options before purchasing and implementing them.