Mobile was everywhere at this year's HIMSS expo


While it was his first time attending the annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, our CEO John Freund didn't feel intimidated or overwhelmed. Instead, he left feeling refreshed and confident that our JumpStock inventory management is still ahead of the curve in the cloud-based mobile supply chain space, he said.

HIMSS is a nonprofit association dedicated to improving healthcare through the use of IT. Each year, the organization holds a conference where thought leaders, technology providers and experts convene to discuss the current state of health IT.

Freund wasn't taken aback by any of the new trends forming in the materials management industry. However, he was pleased to see how mobile is becoming more popular in the world of healthcare.

"What surprised me most when I got there was that mobile computing was everywhere," he said. "A year ago, people weren't talking about mobile at all, and now everyone's talking about mobile offerings."

Cloud computing and big data were also major topics at the conference, but neither compared to the breadth of mobile solutions on display.

The use of mobile devices sets Jump Technologies apart
Consumer-grade mobile devices are increasingly being counted on at hospitals throughout the country. While many healthcare organizations are still relying on traditional, ruggedized barcode scanners, JumpStock makes it easier for hospital employees to complete inventory management tasks. Freund explained that this is what sets our products apart from those of our competitors.

"For example, being able to edit your product master file, being able to add images to your product master file, being able to associate barcodes to items - doing that all through the mobile devices is something we're doing that nobody else is," he said.

Instead of simply leveraging mobile devices to store inventory management information, JumpStock gives healthcare organizations the opportunity to use their gadgets like a mobile computer.

Materials management investments will be on the rise
The Affordable Healthcare Act is increasing the number of insured patients, but hospital budgets won't experience the same growth. While the law won't impact the device side of things, Freund said healthcare providers will be cutting 14 to 19 percent of their budget.

Freund expects hospitals to give their staff easy solutions for inventory management. He believes healthcare CIOs will want to provide their workers with user-friendly systems to keep stock of the equipment and products doctors and nurses need to provide the best possible patient care.

"I feel more confident that we're going to see some pretty big swings in terms of people reinvesting in materials management systems because everything that's out there is pretty old." Freund said.