Home Newsroom JumpTech Blog Moving to a 2Bin Approach in the Emergency Department

By Cheryl Flury

Recently a hospital in Pennsylvania took the temperature of its emergency department - and found 90% of its more than 200 ED nurses were dissatisfied with their cabinet-based supply management system. Nurses reported spending over 30% of their time managing supplies and as a result, were finding work-arounds to bypass the cabinets. The problem was the time to access the supplies they needed - and the results were stock-outs, overstocks and high levels of dissatisfaction. 

The supply chain team partnered with the nurses to identify a better solution to manage supplies in the ED. The requirements were a combination of the quick access to supplies the nurses needed and the visibility with easy tracking and replenishment the supply chain team needed. They worked together and identified and implemented a 2Bin approach to supply management. (If you’d like to read more about this, you can check out the case study on our website.)

What’s been most impressive has been the results they’ve achieved. Not only has this been a great story of collaboration between supply chain and nursing, but this approach has also resulted in driving 92% satisfaction among the ED nurses and providing:

  • A continuing reduction in inventory and technology costs
  • Better matching of stock levels to actual consumption with a significant reduction of stock-outs
  • A simpler, more effective process for supply management

Healthcare – specifically hospitals – continue to look for ways to drive down costs.  Managing low-cost supplies in a low-cost manner is a great way to not only reduce supply costs and inventory on-hand, but also improve nursing satisfaction, which in turn helps increase patient satisfaction.