Health IT innovations can help provide patients with the proper experience


Seventy-six percent of physicians feel overwhelmed and overextended, according to an infographic from BerylHealth. Hospital CIOs can solve this problem in a few different ways. Investing in healthcare inventory management tools will allow doctors and nurses to order new supplies with just the scan of a barcode, while enabling the use of electronic medical records will give those working with patients access to information in only a few clicks. Not only will these innovations make life easier for medical professionals, but they will also ensure that patients get the quality of care that they deserve.

Save money with client retention
Keeping costs low at hospitals is more important than ever, and by providing a strong experience each time patients visit, it will encourage them to continue their relationships with their doctors. After all, the infographic showed it costs 90 percent less to get current patients to return for future care than it does to attract new ones. This is why it is necessary for healthcare professionals to make sure all of their clients are given the same quality of care. Following up with all patients is critical to delivering on the promise that each hospital visitor will be treated with the utmost importance.

"A strong patient relationship is the medicine for what ails healthcare," said Steve Whitehurst, chief customer and strategy officer at BerylHealth. "When patients interact with providers before and after care, they see the right specialists, follow up with a primary care doctor, take their medication and learn how to prevent further health issues. This increases reimbursement, lowers readmissions and most importantly patient experience and quality of life."

Technologies are improving patient care
According to the infographic, hospitals with patient satisfaction in the 90th percentile have a 33-percent increase in patient volume. Keeping this in mind, CIOs at healthcare organizations may want to think about how technology can make it easier for doctors and nurses to do their jobs, while also giving each patient the attention he or she needs.  

One example making waves in the world of healthcare is a program that is similar to Twitter that health professionals can use to stay abreast of the condition of their patients. Using this system will not only show patients that their physicians truly care about them, but it will also get them back into hospitals if doctors and nurses are concerned about their current state.