Better inventory management in procedure rooms isn't just wishful thinking


Think for a second about a wishing well. You throw your spare change in, make a wish, and walk away. Your pockets jingle a little less, but you don’t usually see any other tangible benefit.

Now think about a hospital procedure room. Hospitals invest in cutting-edge technology and supplies so they can give patients the best care possible. But all too often, hospitals end up losing money because their supply chain solutions aren’t equipped to accurately track utilization and capture patient charges. In fact, up to 30 percent of charges are missed within procedural areas.

Procedure rooms and operating rooms are challenging places to manage inventory. For starters, physicians work from preference cards that itemize their preferred supplies for each type of procedure they perform, but they often make changes to supplies on the spot that are not tracked back to the patient case. Add to this the fact that trunk stock and consignment inventory (items that are brought into the surgical suite by medical device representatives) are typically not reflected on a hospital’s charge master making it difficult to track these items or to process payment. Ultimately, this leads to missed and inaccurate supply tracking, charge capture, and billing for the hospital.

The JumpStock Procedural Module efficiently and effectively addresses these challenges to hospital supply chain solutions by integrating seamlessly into the surgical workflow and generating data that informs both clinical practices and purchasing patterns. More specifically, the JumpStock Procedure Module can:

  • Instantly create a supply forecast for a specific OR suite or for your entire organization.
  • Use machine learning to manage preference cards, increasing accuracy and reducing the amount of materials brought into your OR suite.
  • Identify clinical and operational variances by procedure and physician, allowing hospitals to drive standardization throughout the entire health system.


By reducing variances in supply utilization, improving preference cards, and capturing more charges, hospitals can uncover savings and revenue opportunities and make more efficient use of clinical resources. And that’s not just wishful thinking.

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