All Day, Every Day, Packages are Delivered to Your Organization. But What Happens Next?

By John Freund

Several hospitals we work with closely told us about the problems they have with their receiving processes.  And while the receiving team works hard to process incoming shipments arriving each day, the manual processes and disparate systems cause some big gaps. The result? Receiving spends more time offloading, staging, tracking and delivering incoming shipments. In most organizations, internal users have little visibility to supplies that have been received but not yet delivered, and hospitals are without a method to create an electronic, end-to-end record of this process.

JumpTech decided to help our customers with this problem – it's right in our sweet spot, requiring a combination of shipment tracking, creating and capturing electronic records (including electronic signature), and smart supply management – and began building an automated way to receive and reconcile shipments coming into a healthcare system. Done correctly, closing gaps in this area can provide significant new cost reductions.

We dug further and found that packages usually arrive without a final delivery location designated on the outside shipping label, so we integrated our solution with the major carriers, including UPS and FedEx, so as packages are scanned into the system, they are matched to the purchase order (PO). Then we created integration points with the hospital's MMIS or ERP system, so POs could be efficiently managed, missing items automatically identified, and completed POs closed quickly, building a seamless end-to-end process.

This week, we’re launching our new InnerTrack™ solution for receiving and package tracking. InnerTrack provides automation and smart workflow to the receiving and delivery process, significantly reducing staff time and improving visibility and documentation. With InnerTrack, a simple user interface on any Android or iOS device begins capturing data at the loading dock, as packages are loaded off the delivery truck. InnerTrack identifies the final destination within the health system, prints a label for each box, and packages are staged for delivery, making routing and delivery faster and simpler. Once loaded, packages assigned to a delivery cart are scanned, creating tracking of the package as it’s routed within the organization.

You can change your receiving process and close the gaps – all the way from dock to delivery. To learn more about InnerTrack, just click here or call us anytime you have questions about solutions from JumpTech.

We’re excited to deliver a new way for hospitals to drive better supply management and reduce their costs through greater automation.