Site-To-Site Tracking

"One of our biggest issues was chain of custody related to the movement of packages throughout the health system. Using InnerTrack, we can see which courier picked up the packages, where they were delivered, and who signed for them upon delivery. We're creating an electronic internal audit that's beneficial to our entire organization.” -Ann Tyler, Riverside Health System

The Problem:

In complex healthcare organizations, with multiple acute and sub-acute facilities, packages containing everything from med-surg supplies to specimens are constantly moving among locations

Disconnected processes drive higher costs through labor, errors and rework. Paper-based processes mean gaps, making it difficult to track and manage supplies as they move.

The Solution:

Today, InnerTrack helps you efficiently manage the movement of packages throughout your organization:

  • Automatically build a complete chain-of-custody audit trail
  • Eliminate manual processes with complete automation
  • Create visibility to all packages throughout your organization