JumpStock™ Inventory Management

You've been fixing your supply chain problems. Now, fix your inventory.

Hospital supply chain leaders have worked hard to address supply chain issues. And most facilities can get just about any product or device delivered within 24 hours. So, what are the real problems remaining?

Fact is, most hospitals still experience:

  • Stock outs
  • Supply hoarding
  • Maverick spending
  • Waste due to expiring products
  • Cancelled or rescheduled procedures
  • Slow inventory turns

Get to know JumpStock™ inventory management

JumpStock is a cost-effective inventory management solution that’s delivering return on investment in about 2 months. Hospitals using JumpStock are reducing inventory by an average of 20% across the organization – in some areas, as much as 60%. They’re reducing labor across both supply chain and clinical teams. They’re reducing incoming freight costs by reducing overnight and rush shipments and as a result of these overall improvements, they’re also improving net income and cash flow.

Go beyond your ERP. With JumpStock, supply chain leaders get smart reporting tools that enable better planning and forecasting. With accurate velocity data for every item, it’s simple to identify where levels need to be reset, then adjust par levels for a storeroom, a cart or the entire health system with a click. Supply chain leaders can actively manage inventory, and understand exactly what’s needed, when and where.

JumpStock is simple to implement and adopt, in fact, a hospital can go-live on JumpStock in days or weeks, not months or years. It’s quick and easy to train your staff and adoption is immediate because JumpStock is so simple to use.


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