Inventory Management

"In retrospect, I can see we were carrying more inventory than we needed so the nurses wouldn’t be out of products. Our inventory swelled over the years. That became one of the drivers to considering a new approach.” -Gary Bridge, Meeker Memorial

The Problem:

In today's healthcare economy, making the most of your cash is essential. Yet cash is sitting on the shelves in most hospital storerooms, in overstocked shelves, filled with expiring products.

The Solution:

It seems easy, yet stock-outs, overstocking and high costs are still evident in hospital inventory. It's time to improve your bottom line, automate accurate inventory processes and reduce staff time

JumpStock Inventory Management helps health systems reduce inventory by up to 60%, eliminating inaccurate replenishment processes and getting cash to your bottom line

  • Eliminate stock-outs, overstocking and waste
  • Inventory turns
  • Real-time data and inventory analytics to manage inventory issues before they happen
  • Adjust par levels throughout your organization instantly
  • Reduce clinical staff time spent locating and managing supplies