Analytics & Tools

"I use reports to show nurses what's actually been used. In the typical med-surg floor, we've reduced on-hand inventory by two-thirds." -Seth Larson, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

The Problem:

You need data and tools that enable smart decisions. Many traditional inventory management systems don't provide the tools and information needed to take action.

The Solution:

Solutions from Jump allow you to make smart decisions and reduce inventory. You'll free up cash for your organization, improving not just supply chain efficiency, but also, your bottom line

  • Instantly adjust par levels for your entire system, a storeroom or a supply cart - based on actual velocity data
  • Quickly analyze your inventory, with immediate visibility to what you have, what you've consumed, and what you'll actually need
  • Flexible tools allow you to access usage data by location, date ranges
  • Partner with clinicians to enable better system-wide results