Cost-effective, cloud-based solutions from Jump Technologies leverage mobile devices to make your users more efficient and your supply chain business processes smarter and simpler.  
JumpStock™ inventory management is the affordable solution providing better visibility to supplies throughout a healthcare system. JumpStock helps eliminate stock-outs, reduce overstocking and over-spending, enabling easy and automated recording of all supply transactions. JumpStock ensures accurate reporting of supply velocity for every item, driving informed stock-level decisions, leading to better supply planning and management. NEW: JumpStock OR Module for accurate OR supply forecasting!

InnerTrack™ with Receiving creates visibility to all incoming shipments, with dock-to-destination automation that eliminates manual processes. InnerTrack with Receiving creates an electronic audit trail and builds visibility to all incoming shipments. Web-based users can track the progress of deliveries throughout the process, with visibility to the entire end-to-end transaction. 

InnerTrack™ Intrasite Package Tracking leverages a simple-to-use mobile interface on an iPod, iPhone or iPad to to help you efficiently manage the movement of packages throughout your organization, automating manual processes, creating visibility, and documenting electronic chain of custody for every transaction.

For clinics looking for a streamlined procurement platform, JumpCart™ reduces ordering time on items by as much as 60 percent and dramatically decreases inventory purchasing errors. Staff members are equipped with a mobile scanner to simply scan items being ordered. This data is stored in the cloud; employees can place orders for products in one click.