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JumpStock Inventory Management

The JumpStock client app is available on iOS and Android. Windows client software is available for the Opticon 2003 Pocket Scanner.

iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

iOS Requirements: iOS v6.0+, 10MB for app install and up to 128MB for provisioning data; iPhone 3Gs or newer; iPod Touch Gen 4 or newer; iPad 2 and newer; iPad Mini; auto focus camera for scanning barcodes.

Android Phone & Tablet

Android Requirements: v2.2*, 10MB for app install and up to 128MB for provisioning data; auto focus camera for scanning barcodes. *Supports most (not all) Android devices v2.2 and up.

Windows 7 or 8 Desktop

Requirements: Windows 7 or 8, 32MB free memory, 6MB for install and a USB port.

JumpCart Order Management

Windows JumpCart client software for the Opticon 2003 Pocket Scanner.

Windows 7 or 8 Desktop

Requirements: Windows 7 or 8, 32MB free memory, 6MB for install and a USB port.

Software Descriptions & FAQs

JumpCart Client Software Description »

The JumpCart client software is a Windows application that runs on a local machine. When a scanning device is connected to the PC via a docking cable the application downloads the scanned codes from the device and sends it to the JumpTech servers via the Internet.

The docking cable is attached to the PC via a USB port. After the client software has been installed, the user may plug a USB cable into the PC. This will start the standard USB hardware installation. See the JumpCart System Client installation instructions in the support section on for details on installing the client software.

In order to make the JumpCart system as easy as possible, the client software uses a standard HTTPS (web services) port to communicate with our servers. As long as the user of the device is able to use a browser to surf the web, the JumpCart client should be able to communicate with the JumpTech servers.

If the users' IT department needs to allow permissions for a specific machine on the Internet, it should allow communication to In the case where proxy servers are used, the client will piggyback off the browser settings, so no additional configuration should be necessary. Should you have further questions or concerns about the JumpCart System client software, please send an email to, or call our technical support team at 651-287-6000.

Version 4 or higher is required for .NET.
Note that original version of Windows 7 did not ship with .NET version 4.
JumpCart Client FAQs
Q: Where do I find exact instructions for installing JumpCart?
A: The JumpCart - Client Software Installation Guide has a complete set of instructions for installing the JumpCart client software.
Q: Does JumpCart client work on Mac OS X computers?
A: No, JumpCart client is not currently supported on Mac OS X computers.
Q: My IT department is very busy. What impact will JumpCart have on them?
A: Little to none. Since all aspects of JumpCart are cloud-based, you can be up and running with no IT involvement in as little as 15 minutes.
Q: My customer is very sensitive to network security. What do they have to do to allow your system to work?
A: JumpCart follows all security rules found in firewalls and proxy servers today. The system does nothing to bypass corporate security procedures.
Q: How do I order more scanners?
A: Log into JumpCart or JumpStock at (you must have a logon to the scanner store to place an order). For help, contact support at or 651-287-6000.

  • JumpCart – Go to Scanners > Order Scanners
  • JumpStock – Go to Support > Order Scanners

Additional Support

Additional FAQs and support can be found on the support page of either JumpCart or JumpStock, by emailing or by calling 651-287-6000.