JumpStock™ Inventory Management

Addresses Health  System Challenges -

With most healthcare inventory systems, hospital staff members remain challenged to accurately manage supplies. Why? Because systems are either too complex to be consistently used by staff, too expensive to maintain and upgrade, or not providing visibility to supply inventory and usage throughout the organization. Some of the most common challenges faced by health systems today include:

  • Declining reimbursements, accelerating the need to reduce costs
  • Lack of visibility to supplies throughout a facility or organization
  • Inaccurate supply data
  • Disparate systems
  • Expensive solutions, often requiring hospital IT resources to maintain
  • Low compliance due to difficulty of system

What’s the Right Solution?

There are several key features that will help solve your inventory management challenges.

  • Make sure the solution is cloud-based, to reduce impact on IT resources, ensure ongoing updates, and eliminate the hardware investment
  • Make it mobile. Really mobile. With non-proprietary hand-held devices, like smart phones and tablets, and easy to use, low-cost scanners that make it possible to add in or remove inventory whenever, wherever you need
  • It’s got to be affordable, not just to start, but also to maintain
  • Keep it simple, with an easy to use app to drive greater adoption. Remember consistent use leads to accurate data

About JumpStock™ Inventory Management -

JumpStockTM delivers a cloud-based mobile inventory management platform that supports the right supply management approach for every area of the hospital. With real-time, accurate information, JumpStock delivers visibility to product usage and velocity data across the hospital, in turn reducing overstocking, stock-outs and waste, and significantly reducing time spent on supply management tasks.
JumpStock helps your healthcare system track, manage and forecast supplies used throughout your organization. Visibility to inventory is at your fingertips using a hand-held device, like an iPod or smart phone. Supply management solutions from JumpTech help reduce labor, control cost and enable more automated and accurate supply management.

NEW JumpStock™ OR Module -

The new JumpStock™ OR Module takes inventory management in the OR – and beyond – to new levels of visibility, automation and accuracy. Integrated with your scheduling system and preference card requirements, the JumpStock OR Module provides a more complete view of your OR inventory. Now you can accurately, effortlessly forecast the supplies clinical teams need. 
Designed to optimize OR inventory management, the JumpStock OR Module helps:

  • Instantly create a supply forecast for a selected time period, for a specific OR suite, or for your entire organization
  • Determine the exact supplies needed based on scheduled procedures, on-hand inventory and pending orders
  • View the details and price of every item  used during a procedure with the  Cost of Supply Report,  a tool for determining  critical cost, quality  and outcome data

JumpStock lets healthcare providers -

  • Quickly and easily implement a cloud-based inventory management platform that supports the right supply management approach for each specific area of the hospital
  • Access real-time, accurate information that delivers visibility to product usage and velocity across the hospital
  • Significantly reduce the time staff members spend on supply management tasks, redirecting nursing time to patient care
  • Optimize inventory levels to avoid both stock-outs and overspending from overstocking
  • Reduce waste

Managing inventory shouldn’t be complicated -

To keep things simple and affordable, JumpStock delivers smart inventory management solutions that meet the needs of your health system’s business processes – in a continuously enhanced cloud-based environment  – without the high price tag.