Features and Benefits of JumpCart™

Create Internal Product Catalogs and Control Maverick Spending

JumpCart allows you to create custom catalogs and order guides that are fully barcoded. Help control maverick spending by delivering catalogs of just the items you want people to order, making the order process fast and accurate.

Reduce Requisition-to-Order Costs

Because JumpCart automates the ordering process, there are no numbers to transpose, misread or write incorrectly. You get the right products at the right time without having to worry about receiving and returning the wrong products.

Easily View and Electronically Submit Orders

After uploading your order, view everything on JumpCart’s order process site. With a single click, place your order via e-mail, the web or fax to your vendor.

Make Ordering Simple

Use the JumpCart key fob scanner to scan items you need. Plug in the fob and download the scanned items into your computer, review and place your order. That’s it.