Receiving and package tracking for hospitals

Take Control of Supplies Coming Into Your Organization

All day, every day, packages arrive at your receiving dock. For some organizations, incoming supplies can add up to hundreds, even thousands, of boxes each day. Yet many hospitals still rely on manual, paper-based processes that require extensive staff time to manage and track incoming packages from receiving dock to their final destination inside the hospital. And with little visibility to shipments once they’ve been delivered, hospital staff members waiting for supplies can spend hours trying to locate packages. Often, hospitals have no method for recording and tracking incoming packages, from receipt through delivery, and lack the technology to build an efficient, electronic audit trail.

Today there’s InnerTrack™ with Receiving

InnerTrack helps you efficiently manage the receipt and tracking of packages from dock-to-destination — automating manual processes, creating visibility and documenting an electronic record of every transaction.

As a cloud-based mobile solution, InnerTrack with Receiving provides smart workflow to manage the receipt and tracking of materials within a healthcare system. InnerTrack with Receiving creates visibility to every incoming package as delivery trucks are unloaded, boxes are staged and loaded onto carts, and packages are delivered to their final destination inside the hospital.

The InnerTrack web portal allows users to easily create an account, set up routes, identify delivery team members and establish specific requirements. Then, incoming deliveries are managed with a simple mobile interface on a smart device such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad. With visibility to the entire end-to-end transaction, web-based users can track the progress of deliveries anywhere in the hospital.

InnerTrack provides reporting capabilities with real-time status based on the latest scans. Users can track route and delivery efficiencies, review integrated carrier details, and analyze overall performance.

JumpTech solutions are designed to put you in control, helping you powerfully and confidently manage supplies for your health system.