JumpTech and BIG Inventory Announce Partnership to Deliver End-to-End Inventory Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

Eagan, MN and Virginia Beach, VA – May 23, 2016 – Jump Technologies, Inc., an innovative software company with solutions that improve supply management and BIG Inventory, a professional inventory service company that helps hospitals conduct physical inventory in all medical-surgical and clinical areas, today announced a partnership to help health systems improve end-to-end inventory visibility and management, while increasing efficiency and cost reductions.

Supply chain costs represent the second largest and fastest growing area of expense for hospitals. With the ever-increasing need for greater cost reductions, improving the management of inventory presents a significant opportunity. As many hospitals continue to rely on par approaches1 to inventory replenishment, which grow less accurate over time due to ongoing estimation of supplies, conducting an expert, accurate physical inventory to understand supply levels, then managing supplies with accurate tracking and velocity reporting, can help healthcare systems reduce inventory levels by as much as 20 percent.

With this partnership, BIG Inventory and Jump Technologies are aligning their resources to help provider organizations improve the management of supplies, from the time they enter the health system until they are used in patient care. BIG Inventory brings expert resources to plan and conduct an organization’s physical inventory throughout the hospital, including all medical-surgical and clinical areas. Working with BIG Inventory, hospital supply chain leaders can manage this labor-intensive task without tying up internal resources. Then with an accurate picture of on-hand inventory, hospitals more efficiently shoulder the ongoing management of supplies using JumpTech’s cloud-based solutions, which provide visibility from demand-to-use, increasing the accuracy of supply replenishment and helping eliminate overstocking and stock-outs.

“The team at BIG Inventory works continuously with hospitals to conduct physical inventory, identify and resolve item master issues, and complete reports in a timely manner, so we’re constantly building our expertise,” said Paul Yanopulos, National Sales Director, BIG Inventory. “Our partnership with JumpTech will help our customers manage their supplies beyond the physical inventory, on an ongoing basis.”

“JumpTech is reducing supply management costs for provider organizations with proven cloud-based mobile technology,” said Sophie Rutherford, Vice President of Business Development, Jump Technologies, Inc. “With Big Inventory, we can help JumpStock customers beginning a new implementation create an accurate baseline of on-hand inventory levels. Provider organizations already using JumpStock can get help conducting the physical inventory they need for an accurate picture of on-hand supplies in all areas. With this baseline, they can make informed decisions for par settings based on actual on-hand quantities and item velocity.”

1 Jump Technologies, Inc. blog: Par Replenishment. (http://www.jumptech.com/blog/friends-don%E2%80%99t-let-friends-use-par-replenishment)

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About Jump Technologies, Inc.
JumpTech is the first provider of cloud-based supply management solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations that are easy to implement, adopt and manage, using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Eliminating extensive investments in hardware, implementation time and training, solutions from JumpTech are guaranteed to deliver immediate return on investment. Easy-to-use interfaces and accurate, timely reports help drive compliance, reduce training, save hard dollars and reduce labor. For more information, visitwww.jumptech.comor call (888) 373-7226. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter @JumpTechNews and on Google+ at google.com/+JumptechInc.

About BIG Inventory
BIG Inventory, Inc., founded in 1985, provides physical inventory services to hospitals, networks, IDNs throughout nationwide. Bringing the latest technology, professional people and an extraordinary eye for detail in all areas of the hospital including ORs, Cath Labs, ENDO, Warehouses and Pharmacies. BIG Inventory brings this professional service at extremely reasonable rates. Please visit www.biginv.com or call (312) 945-6877 to arrange a DEMO of our cutting edge system and proven methodology.