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  • Sometimes more is just more
    When it comes to hospital inventory, more is not necessarily better. Effectively managing supply chain or inventory within a hospital or health system can have a significant impact on that organization’s financial success and on staff workflows and satisfaction. Consider the following: Supply chain is currently the second biggest expense for hospitals, behind salaries and labor expenses. Keeping shelves stocked accounts for roughly 30 percent of hospital operations, and costs continue to... Read More
  • Improve the accuracy of your Kanban system
    Kanban, or 2Bin Reordering, is a common inventory management approach for hospitals and health systems. While this approach is straightforward and easy to use, you can improve the accuracy of your system with the right data.   JumpStock from Jump Technologies improves the accuracy of Kanban systems with actionable analytics. JumpStock’s 2Bin Reorder Report is one of several reports that provides valuable data for hospitals using a Kanban system. For example, this report: Reflects the v... Read More
  • Take control of PAR
    Does your hospital use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to order supplies? While an ERP is effective for ordering supplies, it is far less effective at tracking items once they’re in the system. Adjusting PAR levels through an ERP system is a complicated process.   JumpStock makes it easy to adjust PAR levels, and even helps determine what an accurate PAR is for your organization. JumpStock’s PAR Calculator Report, one of several reports that deliver data to inform inventory... Read More

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