Delivering data clinicians need

Do you know how fast supplies are moving through your system? Could you say with any confidence how long you can wait before reordering gloves, syringes, or any of the hundreds of other supplies on your shelves? Or would you just be guessing?


JumpStock from Jump Technologies takes the guesswork out of inventory management with easy-to-use reports that allow clinicians to see at a glance what’s happening with products they use to care for patients.


JumpStock’s Days of Supply Report delivers color-coded data to identify fast-moving and slow-moving items.

  • Items shown in red are moving faster than expected and orders should be adjusted.
  • Items in green are moving at the expected speed.
  • And items in yellow are moving slower than expected and quantities can be reduced.
  • This time sensitive data allows clinicians to make decisions about supplies based on actual utilization rates and ensures they have the products they need, when they need them.

Want to know more about the Days of Supply Report, as well as other actionable analytics JumpStock provides? Visit us at AHRMM18 Aug. 12-15, at booth 358, to learn more. And don’t forget to take our JumpScore survey for a chance to win a drone!