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  • Transform hospital supply chain with data
    The business of health care is going through a dramatic transformation. In just the past three years, hospital costs have outpaced revenues by 3%, and operating margins have decreased by 39% from 2015-2017. Something has to change, and as the second largest expense area in most hospitals, supply chain is a prime candidate. The good news is, realizing savings from hospital supply chain doesn’t have to be painful. According to Navigant, hospitals can save an estimated $25 billion per facility s... Read More
  • The bionic solution for hospital supply chain
    It’s been nearly 45 years since TV doctors promised to make Steve Austin better, stronger, and faster. And while modern implants don’t typically cost $6 million — and, sadly, don’t yet offer superhuman abilities — they have become both a source of opportunity and a serious challenge for hospital supply chain management. Total joint replacement procedures using implantable devices, such as hip and knee replacements, are on the rise in America. By one estimate, knee replacement proced... Read More
  • Better inventory management in procedure rooms isn't just wishful thinking
    Think for a second about a wishing well. You throw your spare change in, make a wish, and walk away. Your pockets jingle a little less, but you don’t usually see any other tangible benefit. Now think about a hospital procedure room. Hospitals invest in cutting-edge technology and supplies so they can give patients the best care possible. But all too often, hospitals end up losing money because their supply chain solutions aren’t equipped to accurately track utilization and capture patie... Read More

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