Happy nurses. Better outcomes. More revenue. 


Elevate your ERP.

You’ve fixed your hospital supply chain. Now it’s time to fix your hospital inventory.
When hospitals get more sophisticated about healthcare inventory management, they can free up millions of dollars to spend in areas that improve patient care and generate recurring income. Jump Technologies has smart, mobile healthcare inventory management software that allow hospitals to confidently carry less inventory, reduce waste, and improve visibility into procedure rooms and ORs for accurate charge capture and greater productivity. Stop delaying or canceling procedures due to missing supplies with JumpStock’s healthcare inventory management software.

Empowering healthcare inventory managers with smart mobile supply chain solutions.


Implement solutions that are


Get access to the accurate, real-time information you need to confidently manage hospital and clinic supplies from the moment they arrive at the loading dock to the time they reach the patient. 

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JumpStock from Jump Technologies is intuitive and requires minimal technical involvement to implement. We’ll have you up and running in weeks, not months. 

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Cost Effective

Our clients see immediate inventory savings of 20 to 50 percent, freeing up millions of dollars of inventory, reducing frustration, and achieving rapid ROI. 

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We Believe in a Healthier Tomorrow

The status quo isn’t working in hospital inventory management software. Current solutions lead to waste, stock-outs, inventory hoarding, and over-ordering. At Jump Technologies, we believe the future of healthcare technology is mobile, user-friendly, and powerful enough to track supplies from the loading dock to the patient. We use our deep knowledge of healthcare and technology to build supply chain tools that result in better care delivery and healthier patients.